Community consultation

Summary of the community consultation report

Community consultation by the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island Establishment Association Inc to establish community attitudes to the concept of the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island (AMKI) and the preferred site at Captain Morgan Park north of Kingscote, ran from Thursday 30 July to Friday 28 August.

The consultation showed overwhelming support for the project and location.

People were notified of the consultation and informed about the project through mailouts, emails, social media posts, The Islander advertisements and articles, the AMKI website, pop-ups in the four main population centres, personal interactions, and open day on the preferred site.

Almost 85% of the 346 people who responded to the survey, were resident on KI or owned property on the island.

More than 90% of all respondents thought that the Art Museum would add to the visitor experience on KI and have a positive impact on the island’s art community. More than 80% thought that the Art Museum would be a major tourist attraction for South Australia and have a positive impact on the island community in general. About 80% of respondents agreed that the project would fit the land’s dedication of ‘scenic value’ and was suitable for AMKI.

The most popular inclusion for the gallery from the list given was ‘outdoor tables and seating for picnics and enjoying the view’, just slightly above ‘café/bar that takes in the view to Bay of Shoals’.

All suggestions for facilities and exhibitions will be taken into consideration for the layout of the building and the site.

An entry price for non-island residents is likely to be a significant part of the Art Museum’s operating income and 45% of people indicated that $10 would be a suitable entry price.

Please see the full report on the AMKI community consultation.

If you have any questions or if you missed the survey and still want to have your say, please email at any time