Your questions answered

What will the art museum ‘do’?
The art museum is a place to gather a collection of historic and contemporary art of Kangaroo Island by island and other artists. It will show that collection in a permanent display. It will also exhibit temporary shows and bring travelling exhibitions to KI to help develop the art knowledge and practice of island artists and community. It will also have a workshop space and be the focus of visiting artist programs. It is not a retail gallery.

Why does the island need an art museum?
• At present no building or space on the island has the conditions to house notable exhibitions such as Kangaroo Island’s own ‘Island to Inland’ exhibition, which is touring 13 regional South Australian galleries but cannot come to KI. This also precludes national and international touring exhibitions which are available to regional galleries.
• The history of visual art on Kangaroo Island art is not well known or documented. The art museum would put that history and development on display.
• Tourism statistics show that visitors find KI lacking in cultural and historic experiences. They have a much lower satisfaction rate (than with, for example, wildlife experiences) with the range, quality and availability of activities available.
• The benefits of regional galleries extend beyond the art community to the local community, to school students and the partner organisations. (Research by Regional Galleries Assn SA)
• Regional galleries are known tourism drawcards if they are placed in a spectacular location, have a compelling external appearance, and contain interesting and well-curated art.
• Kangaroo Island artists are the island’s best kept secret yet their quality and proportion of the population is high by any regional standards.

Why are the current committee members the people to get this museum built?
The people who formed the association realised that the best way to help the art community of Kangaroo Island (for the reasons above) was to build a regional gallery. They also thought that an organisation dedicated to that one purpose would give the project more focus and momentum.

They put their ideas into action, and incorporated the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island Establishment Association (A43415) in August 2017. They are taking a very measured strategic approach to ensure they set up a solid foundation for what is a major project for Kangaroo Island.

Why did the committee begin its fundraising with a crowdfunding campaign?
Any new organisation has establishment and administrative costs. For a not-for-profit such as the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island Establishment Association Inc the costs include incorporation fee, membership fees to relevant organisations, insurance, website, printing costs. A large project like this needs paid help in strategic planning, administration and marketing, to succeed.

Crowdfunding is a simple and direct way to raise funds relatively quickly. It shows possible granting and sponsorship bodies that the association has the organisational capability, networks and supporters to raise money itself. That will stand it in good stead for raising the major funds needed to build the Art Museum.

Why are they spending money raised through crowdfunding on visiting other regional galleries and going to a conference?
The best way to learn about how to do something is to talk to those who do it and to visit the places where they do it.

Visits to other regional galleries will allow committee members to discover and assess:
• the buildings and their layouts to see what works and what does not work
• the range of funding structures for keeping the galleries open and thriving
• managing collections, and attracting and curating travelling exhibitions.

Visiting other regional galleries and attending conferences and events with the regional gallery community introduces committee members to others in the same business and allows them to learn from a network of people dedicated to making art thrive in regional areas.

Who will run the art museum once it is open?
The AMKI Establishment Association will set up a financial and governance structure for running the art museum well before it opens, having examined the possibilities and chosen the one best suited to the KI situation. The Association will dissolve on the opening of the Art Museum having completed transition to the art museum’s governing body, whose make-up and selection is also to be decided.

What will happen to the funds if they are not all expended?
The constitution states ‘surplus assets shall be distributed to an organisation which has similar objects and has rules which prohibit the distribution of its assets and income to its members. The association may determine to distribute surplus assets to nominated charities.’

How can I be kept up to date on what’s happening or be involved?
Visit the Art Museum’s website to join the email list, follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for community consultation on the forthcoming draft strategic plan.

Patti Blucher opens the entertainment. Photo: Stephen Mitchell
Richard Glatz rocks. Photo: Stephen Mitchell
On the KI Brewery lawns. Photo: Stephen Mitchell