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Imagine a dedicated public art space on our own wild island. Imagine our past island artists and their art being honoured with a permanent, protected home. Imagine world class exhibitions and artists visiting, inspiring and sharing with island artists, and the community.

The Business Case projects the jobs created in both construction and operation of AMKI and its continuing cultural, social and economic benefits for Kangaroo Island (click on this picture to download)

The Art Museum of Kangaroo Island Establishment Association – a small group of islanders – sees a building in limestone and glass emerging from the slope above Bay of Shoals. It sits in harmony with its surrounds and complements the natural beauty of Kangaroo Island. It is sustainable, it is bushfire resistant, it is ‘of this place’.

The group has examined the best of other regional galleries, spoken with a myriad gallery professionals, read about the deep connection of tourism to art, and viewed from afar how it is done in the best galleries of the world. We are inspired by the Japanese Art Islands (JapaneseArtIslands_SAWeekend). We have found the site we prefer overlooking the Bay of Shoals north of Kingscote. We have a community that supports the concept.

“Kangaroo Island’s art community is one of Kangaroo Island’s best kept secrets. With its own art museum this community has the opportunity to make artists as well known as the island’s wild pristine landscape and wonderful produce that the rest of the world comes to enjoy.”
Rebekha Sharkie, Federal member for Mayo

We intend for the Art Museum to accommodate temporary and travelling exhibitions, artists in residence and art workshops, and, a permanent collection of art from and of Kangaroo Island. It will honour First Peoples: A Roadmap for enhancing Indigenous Engagement in Museums and Galleries.

The surrounding outdoor area will locate art installations, and an environmental artwork unique in Australia, in a garden of Kangaroo Island native plants. And it will have relaxation, entertainment and picnic areas that honour the land’s dedication of ‘scenic value’.