Many thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island committee throughout this year. We continue to be dedicated to bringing a regional gallery to Kangaroo Island because we know island artists, and the whole community, deserve it.

The Art Museum will be a catalyst for our artists to gain the widespread recognition and acknowledgement that they deserve. And it will bring the art of the world to them – through travelling exhibitions and the artists-in-residence program to help them to become even better artists.

It’s not just Island artists who will benefit – this is something for the whole Kangaroo Island, and South Australian, community. Imagine how life will change for island school students, who struggle to get to the Art Gallery of South Australia, let alone to the great galleries of the wider world.

However, our elected representatives at Kangaroo Island Council are not supporting our project in principle, nor our preferred site. We are very disappointed by their lack of vision but more determined than ever to see this project through to its completion for the artists, community and businesses of Kangaroo Island.

We are pursuing every thread of a possible alternative to make this project happen. The community told us in large numbers they wanted the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island, and that’s what we shall do.

Please enjoy the holiday season – we hope you are visiting our beautiful island. With an Art Museum, there would be even more to enjoy!

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